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Driving licence tests according to the national examinations standards

You have found yourself at the best website to study for driving licence tests. By using our application you will easily get ready for a driving licence test to pass it at your first attempt. A PC, Tablet or Mobile telephone? You decide what equipment you use to study. No additional charges!

Our company provides questions to PWPW SA.

Study any time you want with the standardized examination question database. Our screen looks exactly like the one at the examination centre. That's why you won't lose time looking for buttons at the exam.

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If you use our application, you are not going to be surprised by the appearance of the examination at WORD, because it looks exactly like the tests at the examination centre.

Many years of experience in training drivers (cooperation with more than 5 thousand driver training centres!) combined with the expertise guarantees your excellent preparation for the examination and driving on public roads.


The application's interface corresponds to the interface of the new official examination

The division of subject into categories corresponds to the training plan of the Driver Training Centre.

This option allows for learning that supplements lectures or in line with the teaching plan of a given driving course.

The division of subject into categories corresponds to the training plan of the Driver Training Centre

This option allows you to control your results on a regular basis.

This function ensures your focus on the issues/questions that require deeper knowledge or exercises.

This option allows you to control your results on a regular basis.

Our database includes question that are asked during the official examinations.

Questions of our expert team will get to examination centres soon!

Our application includes a database that guarantees you best possible preparation for the examination.

Learn any time you want using the complete database of official examination questions

Examination rules pursuant to the regulation on training driving licence trainees.

Selection of questions, subject, time and score are the same as in the case of official examination (e.g. division into the basic and specialist part, number of questions and score).

Comments on the questions and supervision of driving instructors as part of substantive support guarantee an appropriate level of preparation for the theoretical examination.

Examination rules pursuant to the regulation on driving licence trainees.

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